There are a lot of myths floating around out there about Bridal Lingerie and what to wear under your wedding outfit, many of them are outdated and based on tradition. Modern weddings have become highly personalized, and that goes for the wedding night, too.

Here I’ll share some helpful tips while breaking some outdated myths about Bridal Lingerie.

You’ve said yes to the dress. Time for your next decision – the lingerie you’ll wear underneath it. It may seem like such a little detail, but the right bridal underwear can make a big difference in how confident you feel as you strut down the aisle. As integral a part of your outfit as your shoes or your veil, choosing your big day smalls isn’t something you should leave until the last minute.

But if you thought the right wedding underwear was just about avoiding those vicar-scandalising visible panty lines, you’d be mistaken. There’s every chance that the supportive shapewear that makes you look perky and in proportion as you say ‘I do’ won’t make very sexy wedding night lingerie. We thereforenot only stock beautiful bridal lingerie designs, but sexy and naughty styles that are sure to make you feel sexy and your husband horny!

At Sensalle we only source the best designs from leading UK and European manufactures and we are confident that you will be impressed by the material and workmanship as well as our Bridal Lingerie, we also supply sexy, naughty and retro styles.

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