Naughty Lingerie can be sexy lingerie and vice versa, but here at Sensalle we make the distinction and put some of our products firmly in the naughty catagory as they are definitely part of intimate foreplay and sexplay.

If you really want to take your underwear collection to the next level, crotchless lingerie is a seductive way to go. Sometimes a little mystery is playful, but leaving nothing to the imagination with some crotchless knickers can really heat things up. The best part is, you don’t even have to take it off to enjoy…

But we have more to offer then just naughty knickers! Browse our Naughty Lingerie section for Open Bodies and Teddies erotic sets and separates, Chemise, Camisoles and Baby Dolls.  Chose your own style by mixing things up to create a contempory fetish or retro look by chosing items from our range of Corsets, Basques and Bustiers  or our Retro Lingerie selection, to match with open panties or a pearl thong.

We could not leave without mentioning stockings! The right Hosiery is an essential ingredient of the ultimate naughty outfit! At Sensalle we offer stockings both retro, patterned and seamed to suit your lingerie set and outer outfit. We offer these in hold-ups or traditional, requiring a garter belt or straps, perfect for that special occasion.

Premium Quality

Here at Sensalle we source our Naughty Lingerie from across the UK and Europe, and while most people think of french lingerie as being the sexiest, many people are not aware that Poland, when it was behind the iron curtain, had the same reputation in Eastern Europe for fine lingerie as France! We therefore source much of our naughty and sexy lingerie from Poland, the quality and materials are exceptional.