What is Sexy Lingerie?

What is sexy to one person may not be to another. One person may think that an open thong is amazing another may think that a sheer pair of panties is far more Erotic. Some like hold ups and some prefer traditional stockings with suspenders, some may think a short skirt is where it’s at, another may think a summer dress were the outline of the lingerie can be seen is seriously sensual.Whatever it is you like we hope we have what you are looking for, we have a full range of beautiful cup sized fashion bras and sets with cups going up to a G which is particularly useful for the girl with enhancements and a small back. We also have a nice range of basques, bustiers and corsets which are very beautiful. The main thing about nice lingerie is that it makes the wearer feel sexy and the admirer aroused.

Who Buys Sexy Lingerie?

Surprisingly as many men buy sexy lingerie as women, mostly as presents but in these days of LBGT who knows and we are happy to supply anyone for any reason as long as it makes them happy. Women tend to buy beautiful lingerie for themselves and men tend to buy something a little racier. For a woman it may be for that special second or third date, for a guy it could be for Valentines, Christmas, a Birthday or just a nice surprise to make his lady feel special, whatever the occasion it’s always a nice present to receive when it’s a quality garment. Here at Sensalle we only provide quality lingerie, with good fits, excellent fabrics and construction.

Who Wears Sexy Lingerie?

Most women have some items of sexy lingerie, that they have for a special occasion, tastes vary depending on age and character, the younger lady may go for something more bold and on the verge of bodage wear and a lady a little older may go for something a bit more feminine, sheer and seductive. One thing is for sure whenever a lady wears sexy lingerie next to he skin she is going to feel so much more sexy and hopefully that will have the desired effect on whoever she is wearing it for maybe the man or woman in her life.