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  • Mailys Bustier

  • sexy lingerie

    Ravenna Red Basque

  • Reglisse 1/2 Cup Basque

    From: £23.95
  • Model wears a Capeline Cupless Basque. Sexy Lingerie from Sensalle

    Capeline Cupless Basque

    From: £42.95
  • Capeline 1/2 Cup Basque

    From: £63.95
  • Nougat Basque

    Nougat Basque

    From: £41.95
  • Capeline Full Cup Basque

    From: £59.95
  • Ravenna Black Basque

  • Nougat Underbust Basque

    Nougat Underbust Basque

    From: £41.95
  • Balance 1/2 Cup Bustier

    Balance 1/2 Cup Bustier

  • Balance Cupless Bustier

    Balance Cupless Bustier

  • Borsalino Corset

    Borsalino Underbust Basque

    From: £51.95
  • Kepi Underbust Basque

    From: £39.95
  • Sens De Femme Corset White

  • Sens De Femme Corset Black

  • Eve Basque


Showing 1–16 of 17 results

Corsets, Basques and Bustiers are once again popular, but are these undergarments instruments of torture or weapons of empowerment?
First we need to understand the difference between these three garments

What is a Corset?

Corsets are much more rigid than bustiers because they tend to use different materials in their boning which creates varying levels of flexibility. They often have a different form of fastener too, corsets are often fastened with adjustable lacing, whereas basques tend to be hook and eye. Another difference is that basques usually have an inbuilt bra area which lifts and defines the bust. Corsets tend to flatten out the chest.

What is a Basque?

A basque is a body shaping lingerie item with a built-in bra and they can come with or without straps and light bonning on the bodice.

Basques often come with removable suspender straps meaning you can accessorise with some sexy stockings.  They are considered to be more comfortable than corsets due to less rigid construction around the body. Basques usually sit on, or just above, the hips and mould to your figure using structured fabric, or light plastic boning.

This lingerie type aims to lift the cleavage and smooth out the body to define those curves.

What is a Bustier?

A bustier is a form sculpting piece of lingerie which provides shape and structure. It won’t usually have attached suspenders and unlike basques sits slightly higher on the body. Many women find bustiers more comfortable to wear; this is a big plus when it comes to spicing up your love life. Bustiers give more of the much-desired hourglass figure and enhances the cleavage.They are typically shorter than basques and finish up at the waist.

So indulge yoursel by choosing Corsets, Basques and Bustiers from Sensalle