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Sexy Lingerie from Sensalle, whether it be Sexy, Naughty, Retro Erotic or Fetish, Sensalle provides all these for the discerning customer. But what is sexy to one person may not be for another, therefore we sell a full range of Sexy Lingerie styles.

Usually sexy & naughty lingerie is not the first piece of garment that others will see. However, it is a special piece of clothing since it can be of great influence on how you feel. Wearing beautiful lingerie can really increase your confidence. It can also  make you feel more feminine. A fun thing about lingerie is that you can also mix & match. You can combine different styles to achieve the look you want. Main stream can be mixed with retro or fetish to give an exclusive sexiness to your set.

Mix and Match

You might match a contemporary bra with a retro girdle and stockings, alternatively it may be a lace bra with open crotch panties for that special occasion. So your partner has a nice surprise. However sheer panties can have an even more visual effect. It all depends on what your objectives are. It may be that you want to wear a suspender belt with deep buckles that are visible through that tight fitting dress.

Where it comes from

Here at Sensalle the home of shockingly Sexy Lingerie, we source sexy & naughty lingerie from across the UK and Europe, most people think of French lingerie as being the sexiest, but a lot of people are not aware that Poland, when it was behind the iron curtain had the same reputation in Eastern Europe. We therefore source our sexy and naughty lingerie from Poland; the quality is exceptional  and the styles again offer a selection of sexy and naughty, again with open and closed panties, full and half cup bras as well as basques bodies and corsets.


We also offer stockings both retro, patterned seamed to suit your lingerie set and outer outfit, we offer these in hold ups and traditional requiring a garter belt, perfect for that special occasion. We do not sell tights as we specialise in sexy and naughty lingerie and feel tights do not fit into this description.

Did you know that not all lingerie is bought by women, sexy and naughty lingerie is very often bought by men as a present for that special woman in his life. Men often have a problem finding what the women would like, if he gets it wrong he can end up looking foolish, if he gets it right he is the best man ever. A guy may buy a lady crotchless panties but it may be something she may never feel comfortable wearing, but a sheer pair of panties may be just the trick.

So whether it’s sexy, naughty, retro, or fetish lingerie we hope we have something that suits you or the lady in your life.

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