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'Eve' £49.95
'Ravenna Red' £53.95
'Ileen ii' £56.95
Basque £53.95
bridal underwear £83.95
sexy bridal basque £82.95
'Freya' £44.95
axami kaiserinne pink black basque £49.95
axami treasure me black pink basque £59.95
axami serenity black blue basque £49.95
Axami Manhattan Bridal underwear Bustier from Sensalle Lingerie £78.95
'Ravenna' £53.95
Crystal Beautiful Gracya bridal Basque £79.95
bridal basque £97.95
'Juliette' £97.95
'Charlotte' £53.95


Our Gorgeous Sexy & Feminine Basques & Bustiers show the female figure at its best and enhances sexy curves

The difference between a Basque and a Bustier is that a Bustier does not go below the waist whereas a Basque runs down to the hips

Basques and Bustiers differ from Corsets in that Basques & Bustiers usually fasten with a hook & eye whereas Corsets are lace-up

Basques and Bustiers are designed to enhance the natural female shape. Corsets are designed to change the female shape to a more radical hourglass profile.

Sexy Basques and Bustiers to choose from, gorgeous fabrics and showstopping styles.

Basques and Corsets to tease your curves into a highly desirable hourglass figure. Shop our sexy & feminine Corsets and Basques.

Treat yourself to a Sexy Bustier or Basque, our gorgeous selection of sexy lingerie offers so much to choose from. Worn with stockings and heels a Basque or Corset will give you jaw dropping sex appeal. 

You won't regret purchasing a great fitting Basque or Corset, it will enhance your curves perfectly and give you a fantastic figure.

We have sexy and innovative lingerie designs that are sure to please everyone who buys

All prices are in GB Pounds and include Value Added Tax @ 20%.

For Orders outside the European Union no VAT will be charged.

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