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Ballerina & Gabriella Hosiery

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Ballerina Hold Ups £10.95
ballerina sexy bridal 120 hold ups £10.95
Gabriella Hold Ups £10.95
Ballerina Hold Ups £11.95
ballerina sexy 211 hold ups £10.95
ballerina sexy 123 hold ups £10.95
Sexy Cia From Naughty Girls £10.95
ballerina bridal Hold Ups £10.95
ballerina sexy hold ups £10.95
ballerina sexy 242 hold ups £10.95
ballerina sexy 243 hold ups £12.95
ballerina sexy bridal hold ups £11.95
Ballerina Hold Ups £10.95
ballerina sexy 800 pheromones hold ups £17.95
ballerina sexy hold ups £12.95
Sexy Mira From Naughty Girls £11.95
ballerina sexy bridal 249 hold ups £11.95
ballerina sexy hold ups £11.95
ballerina sexy hold ups £12.95
Sexy Darci From Naughty Girls £11.95
Sexy Pearl from Naughty Girls £10.95
Sexy Rene From Naughty Girls £11.95
Sexy Sophie From Naughty Girls £10.95
Gabriella Hold Ups £6.45
gabriella Hold Ups £5.95
Gabriella Hold Ups £5.95
gabriella calze hold ups lux £6.95
gabriella calze 200 jana sexy hold ups £6.95
'Rita' £8.95
'Delfi' £7.95
'Demi' £5.95
'Valery' £7.95
'Flora' £5.95
'Elena' £5.95
'Ismina' £5.95
'Carmen' £5.95
'Salma' £5.95
'Linette' £5.95
'Marissa 085' £13.95
Ballerina 294 sexy Hold Ups £12.45
ballerina sexy hold ups 287 stockings £11.95
gabriella sexy hold ups 183 stockings £10.45
'Florence 102' £12.95
Ballerina sexy Hold Ups £11.45
ballerina 292 sexy hold ups £12.45
'Alva 632' £9.95
'Lisa 290' £12.95
'Louisa 390' £13.95
polka dot hold ups £13.95
'Marissa 700' £11.95
'Olivia 385' £14.95
Gabriella Calze Gala Stockings £9.95
'Sarah' £13.95
'Mila 446' £14.95

Ballerina & Gabriella Hosiery.

Your choice of hosiery can make or break an outfit. We offer stunning tights, hold ups and stockings from Ballerina and Gabriella.

Ballerina are a well established, fast growing company, known for their high quality, fashion forward thinking and innovative hosiery.

 We have a wide selection of Ballerina stockings, Ballerina Hold ups and Ballerina Tights. Ballerina's attention to detail and quality and their focus on elegance and comfort is why Ballerina is so popular. 

Gabriella represent best quality Polish hosiery. Gabriella deliver flattering hold ups, stockings and tights to enhance any outfit day or night.  

Gabriella produce exceptional quality feminine, sophisticated and sexy stockings, tights and hold ups at affordable prices.

All prices are in GB Pounds and include Value Added Tax @ 20%.

For Orders outside the European Union no VAT will be charged.

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